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Great resource for hardware and wooden elements

By Davita Nowland in Great Resource

No trip to Newport RI is complete for me without a visit to my favorite haunt for real boat treasure at genuine wholesale prices.    This is where I often find authentic boat solutions for my uncommon design challenges.   Wickford Marine Consignment  is chock full of the stuff I love to work with, plus it’s fun …Read More

Wooden sailboat salvaged in Jamestown RI after Hurricane Irene

By Davita Nowland in Boat Salvage Story

In late August 2011, I received a call from a man named Philip who’s Hinckley SouWester 34, Belafonte, washed up onto the rocks on Jamestown, RI. It was the work of Hurricane Irene.   “Hurricane Irene wound up by most estimates as one of the top ten most destructive and deadly hurricanes to hit the …Read More

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