Making Connections,
With the  Sea

Boatyard Treasures are gifts from the working waterfront past – these are the key ingredients of our authentic nautical art form.

In 1995, during the early days of Nauticals of Marblehead, Davita visited boatyards where wooden boats were being built and restored for inspiration and leads on materials to collect.     She was looking for wooden boats considered beyond reasonable restoration, debris from restoration projects, and a place to bring and store the materials she found.   Her legwork turned up more materials than she could use, and finding a place to keep them was the real challenge.

During her search Davita discovered most sea loving people would do anything to prevent a derelict boat or a truckload of wood you couldn’t burn from being delivered to their property.  They feared its eventual abandonment would cause them significant expense for its removal and proper disposal.   That’s what brought her to Montgomery’s boatyard in Gloucester, MA, a tidal, working, sleepy old yard, rich with history, treasure, and talented craftsmen and boat builders.

On her first visit she noticed wooden boats in various stages of restoration.   Along with the boats there was a substantial pile of wooden boat debris, a barn full of tangled heaps of running rigging, buckets of deck hardware, old tools and lots of other old boat stuff that had accumulated over the last 100 years.    It was the perfect place!   At the time she was only looking for space to rent.  That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that has grown and evolved thru the years.

A sure way to recognize Davita’s work is by the official documentation package included with each piece.  It contains the story of the source boat(s): an engraved nameplate with the source boat details, a mini document tube containing official documentation story and images, and a second copy of the official documentation for your files.

Project Stories

Hanging Bow Table

In addition to the documentation book accompanying this piece, a smaller version is included within the brass tube mounted near the wall.

Designed to have no visible means of support, this table is mounted as if it were coming thru the wall. It’s crafted from the bow of a 34’ sailboat built in Maine in 1952.  The body is varnished cedar and the surface is a combination of both restored teak decking and custom cut glass.    It features a weathered, painted name and a continuous line running from a bronze block on the deck to one mounted high on the wall above the piece suggesting a head stay.

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Built-in Fish Bar

A pair of custom Nauticals of Marblehead bar stools and a brass foot rail complete an atmosphere the customer envisioned a magical place to gather.

Anchoring this spectacular family room is a built-in bar from a 10-foot hull section of a 34’ zailboat built in Maine in 1952. The face is varnished cedar, the bar-top is teak decking, and it features old weathered bottom paint sealed beneath varnish, inlaid mahogany fish and a brass rail. Built offsite during the home’s renovation, it required coordination with the architect, cabinet maker and general contractor.

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