Making Connections,
With the  Sea

Furniture made from Old Boats

dry-dock coffee table

When Davita Nowland started scavenging for derelict wooden boats, she wasn’t planning on creatively recycling them into nautical furniture and starting a business; she was looking for a coffee table for her waterfront condo in Marblehead, MA. But the graduate from the University of Rhode Island’s College of Resource Development decided to build more than...
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Sea Spots When Sailing the North Shore


Marblehead has often been referred to as the yachting capital of the world, but for those who know it best, Marblehead Harbor is simply one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. Located about nine nautical miles north of Boston Harbor, it contains 14.2 miles of tidal shoreline and is an attractive destination,...
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Salvage Spotlight: From Boat Hull to Social Hub of the House


One day when the lady met this fellow … they renovated their home and included a showstopping bar island crafted from a sailboat. “These homeowners are a classic Brady Bunch story: a woman with three daughters, a man with three sons — they found each other, married and created a family of eight. The children were all...
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The Love Boat

Boston Globe July 20 2008

If kitchens are the social centers of most traditional homes, then it’s no surprise Hap and Sue Brakeley’s clan wandered slightly off the mark. They’re atypical in many ways. Sue was a widow, Hap was a widower when the family of eight came together four years ago in a Brady Bunch-like fashion (she had three...
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Davita Nowland

Coastal Living May-June 2001

Davita Nowland was only 22 when she left he home in Niantic, Connecticut to sail south to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, on a 58-foot boat named Caper. The trip some 20 years ago was an adventure that turned her love affair with boats into a marriage with them....
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