Making Connections,
With the  Sea

When you decide only a custom piece will do, we can help. Some of our most creative designs creations were born from our customers special requests. The process is as interactive as you like. All you need to start are:

  1. Your approximate dimensions
  2. A description of the type of type of piece
  3. 2 or 3 digital photos of the destination space for style and scale
  4. A brief description of the style of the room and/or other furnishings
  5. $175 design deposit which is credited toward the cost of your piece should you decide to proceed.
    **Signs do not require a design deposit.

If you are considering a large or a built-in piece, we prefer to see the destination in person if possible, so we can guarantee a perfect fit. Some projects also benefit from contact with your architect, interior designer, contractor, or cabinetmaker.

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If you are or plan to be local we invite you to make an appointment to visit “The Barn” in Gloucester wheel we store our ‘treasure’ to choose your own materials for your piece (s).


View a sampling of our custom work below.