Making Connections,
With the  Sea

Our specialty is incorporating the appeal of boats into your home or office.   Our services range from finding or adding simple details to influencing the design of an entire space.  In either case, we are pleased to work with our customers directly or to join their design team. One of our most exciting projects was a master-bedroom suite that feels like the master-stateroom aboard a 135’ wooden sailing yacht.  This project involved developing a concept drawing, engaging a naval architect to execute blueprints based on that drawing, and sourcing all the hardware, fixtures and materials that transformed an already special waterfront room into a mariner’s fantasy.

Design Consultation

If you share our joy and fascination around boats, we invite you to pick our brains on what would give that special space authentic, sophisticated yacht appeal.  Sometimes it’s just the hardware or another detail that does it.  And sometimes it’s introducing different shapes, materials or finish to achieve the desired effect.  As always, we are pleased to work with our customers directly or with their design team.

$80 hr – Includes concept sketch, recommended elements list and digital photos
$40 hr – Travel time plus fuel and expenses

Materials Sourcing

While creating many of our custom pieces we have visited and developed relationships with others in the business of building, salvaging, collecting and trading vintage boat material.  Although most of our raw materials come from our own collection of salvaged wooden boats, we are often asked to incorporate details and elements from sources not in our inventory. If you are looking for a particular personal detail or for your design team, we can help you.  Our resources include Marine Salvage Yards, Marine Consignment Shops, Marine Antique Shops, and Traditional Boatbuilding Shops throughout New England.

$80 hr – Includes research, phone calls, e-mails, personal visits and virtual visits
Also includes contact log and digital photos
If acquisitions are involved – All purchases made for our customers are actual cost – no mark-up

$40 hr – Travel time plus fuel and expenses